I would first like to thank Stillaftermath for giving me this information and bringing it to my attention.

Partial Wake is when your phone’s display is off but Wifi, 3G, ect are still on and running sucking out unneeded power to keep themselves updating. To do this type again *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer and go to Battery Usage>Other Usage> Partial Wake Usage.¬†After you do that look underneath that for any apps that are still running. If you fallowed the guide you shouldn’t see any that you haven’t allowed to keep running because you should have turned off auto sync ect, earlier in the guide. But if you see anything running that is taking up more than 5% battery either uninstall it, make sure Autokiller sees it and can stop it, or turn it off the autosync. There is a bug that has the Flickr auto sync perminantly keep your phone in Partial Wake mode. To turn this off go to Settings>Accounts & Sync> And click the green circle next to Flickr to turn it off.

Link to Guide: https://stuff2help.wordpress.com/android-evo/