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HTC Evo Battery Test 3

Sorry guys in my guide for getting battery I said that you get 12 hours of battery on normal usage until you need to charge. I’m sorry to say I lied…I just got 12 hours of battery life and I have 35% battery remaining!!!!!

Heres the proof

Heres the guide:



This is the second battery test I am doing for the HTC Evo after I used my guide https://stuff2help.wordpress.com/android-evo/ to get amazing battery life! I left my HTC Evo on over night to see how much battery leaving it in Standby will do. Standby for me is leaving on Wi-Fi and Airplane mode because I don’t want any calls but I still want my HTC Evo to function as an Alarm clock and as a Text Message┬áReceiver/Sender.

Not for the Big part I got 9 hours of battery life on standby, not that good? I had 85% when I woke back up. 85% Left! Here are the pictures.

Started the Test at 2:02 Am, and sat it on my Desk for the night.

And I woke up to a Text Message at 11:10 in the morning and took Screen shots of what I saw. An outstanding 85% battery life left after a 9 hour sleep. What’s even more amazing is that Wi-Fi took up half that battery so if I left it off I probably would’ve gotten 90-95% battery life left when I woke up. But seeing as if I turned Wi-Fi off it would ruin its functions as a phone…

Well there you have it I got 9 hours on standby wasting 15% of my battery life. So doing simple math I would have gotten about 60 Hours of battery life if I left my phone off for that long…But I do use my phone so don’t be looking for a time when I’m not going to use it for almost 3 days.

First Battery Test that I totally got into with Pics and Everything. I with Above average use and by above average I mean 9 hours out of 10 hours of on time and about 1 hour of standby much more use than my norm. This was only on Wi-Fi as I was at home and had no need to have 4G on.

I Ended this Test with 10% battery life so I could have gone on longer.

My Guide on how I got this battery life: https://stuff2help.wordpress.com/android-evo/