This is a page about how I got my HTC Evo’s Battery life to extend from 5 hours to 12+ hours. This highlights everything you need to do:

How I saved a bunch of battery by making these changes to my HTC Evo
This is what I did to get my HTC Evo’s battery from 5 hours to give or take 12 hours of constant use (Depends on how you use it 4G Obviously will kill the battery faster). I have yet to try it on only standby. This is how I did it including links. Note:Doing all this you will see no difference in your phones performance other than battery life.

First lets start with the “look” of your HTC Evo. Change your wallpaper to a nice solid preferably dark color but any non live wallpaper will do. Then make it so that you only have 1-3 syncing widgets on all of your homescreens/widgets that in general update themselves without you doing anything. The Main HTC Widget that comes on the first homescreen is actually the best one to have as it will automatically update itself even if you do not have the Widget on a homescreen so I am just keeping that one.

After you have done that you will need to do one of the most important things that will give you some insain battery life. Make 6 Widgets (You should already have 4 of these but make the other two) for Airplane Mode,3g, 4g, Wireless, Bluetooth, and GPS. You can make this by either holding your finger down on the homescreen on a blank spot or click the + in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Got to Shortcuts>Settings> then tap on the one that you want to make into a widget, make a widget of Airplane Mode, 3G, 4G, Wireless, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Now don’t get lazy on me, you need to turn on/off each one when not in use this is an extremely important part, If your not using a setting TURN IT OFF! You will doing this save quite a lot of battery. And if your not using 3g or 4g turn on airplane mode, this will stop your Evo from looking for the signals saving tons of battery life. You can still turn on Wi-Fi so all your apps that need internet will still work. This is great if your going to sleep and leave your Evo on as an alarm clock.

Go into Settings (By hitting the menu button on a homescreen then settings)>Sound and Display>Brightness>And change it to 10% or less on the bar I keep mine almost as low as possible then change it higher when I’m outside in the sun.

Then go to Settings>Sound and Display>Notification Flash and turn it off all the ones you will not need to be notified right away. This will save battery because of the waste of all the energy to keep that light blinking for useless things.

Go to Settings>Account&Sync>And click on all the accounts under manage accounts that you do not need to sync. And after that turn off Background Data and Auto-sync IF AND ONLY IF you want to manualy sync your Email, Sms, Ect. This helps A LOT but will become a pain in the butt. You do not need to use this to get 12 Hours but you could get much more battery if you do.

Also if it doesn’t bother you turn off the touch screen keyboards vibrate ability, to be more clear whenever you hit a button on the onscreen keyboard the phone vibrates. This wastes battery if you are fine just typing and not having your phone move around underneath you so to turn this off go to Settings>Language & Keyboard>Touch Input>Text Input>and turn off Vibrate when typing.

Now for the most important parts, Go to Settings>Wireless&Networks>Wi-Fi and click off Network Notification. You don’t need to have your phone constantly looking for different Wi-Fi networks when your already connected. You will see no difference but you will save on battery.

Go to Settings>Wireless&Network>Mobile Networks and turn off Data Roaming and Enable always-on Mobile Data. Data Roaming you always look for the best signal for service so it uses a lot of power and No one knows what Always-on Mobile Data does but it saves a lot of battery and I have seen no difference in performance. Then after you do this go to Data Roaming and if you have a good sprint service where you are turn Roaming to Sprint only (Basically turning it off) this makes your phones extremely efficient as it does not look for the highest service and uses the least amount of energy looking for a signal.

It seems that some EVOs were incorrectly set to GSM before they were shipped. This causes the phone to constantly search for a GSM network to connect to, which of course drains the battery. To check the preset network type on your EVO, bring up the dialer and press * # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # * to open a Testing menu. Tap “Phone information” and scroll down until you see “Set preferred network type” followed by a drop-down menu. If “GSM auto (PRL)” is selected, then tap it and choose “CDMA auto (PRL)” instead. Reboot your EVO and make sure your choice is still active.

After all that you should have great battery life but you have to “Root” your device to get the most out of it. Go to this link with your HTC Evo’s build in browser. now after you download the app run it and you should now have a “Rooted” phone. You cannot install custom Roms but you can install apps that you can only use on a rooted phone. Go and get the [Overclock Widget]( , it is free and allows you to change the speed of your CPU to fit how hard you are working it so it uses the least amount of Battery. This saves a lot of battery life. Now put the Overclock Widget on your homescreen tap it and go into advanced settings.

Make the Min for “Screen On Freq Setting” 576000 and the Max for 998400. Turn on “Differ Freq Screen Off” and go to the “Screen Off Freq Setting” And make the Max and Min 245000. In the “Advanced Settings” Turn on “Use Your Frequencies”. Go to “Operation” and click on “Auto start on boot” and then hit Save.

Your almost there! Now all you have to do is go to Settings>Sound & Display>Screen timeout and turn it to 30 Second. Lastly download from the Market “iGauge Battery” to check your battery level. Now make a few more shortcuts. Shortcuts> Settings> and make two shortcuts one for Running Services and Battery use. Running Services so you can turn off all those wasting apps and Battery use to monitor your services that are using your battery and to see how long you have been unplugged.

Now We all Know about AutoKillers so head on over and download Once Downloaded open it up and look for these files you have to put on your ignore list or else all your hard work fallowing this guide is for nothing. Look for the apps currently running called “Advanced Task Killer Free” “OverclockWidget” and “Superuser Permissions” then long tap (Hold click whatever you want to call it) on each one and click ignore. This will allow these apps to not be killed by the AutoKiller. Go around and do the same thing to your other apps that you don’t want to be closed. After that hit the Menu button>Settings and turn on Autostart under “Startup”. Then scroll down to “Autokill” switch the Auto Kill Level to Safe and turn the Auto Kill Frequency to Whenever the screen turns off.

Now another problem is Partial Wake which is when your phone’s display is off but Wifi, 3G, ect are still on and running. This sucks out unneeded power just to keep those programs updating. To do this type again * # * #4636# * # * in your dialer. Then go to Battery Usage>Other Usage> Patial Wake Usage. After you do that look underneath for any apps that are still running. If you fallowed this guide you shouldn’t see any that you specifically haven’t allowed to keep running because you should have turned off auto sync ect earlier in the guide. But if you see anything running that is taking more than 5% batter either uninstall it, Make sure Autokiller sees it and can stop it, or turn off its autosync. There is a but that has Flickr autosync perminantly keeping your phone on Partial Wake Mode. To turn this off go to Settings>Accounts & Sync> And click the green circle next to Flickr to turn it off. (Thank Stillaftermath for showing me this)

Now whenever your not using your phone just put it into sleep mode by hitting the power button and your done! You will now get 12 Hours of Battery of Constant use with your HTC Evo the phone that people say has bad Battery life. You sure showed them! Also not only is your Battery life Amazing but it charges crazy fast too. The fastest I got it to charge was in 2 hours from 5% battery left. That was with All Radios Turned off (Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, and in Airplane Mode).


Some Links: Battery Test 1 not on Standby Battery Test 2 with Standby Battery Test 3 not on Standby

Questions to Make this “Guide” Better:
Is there any app that lets me see my Battery level *and* time my phone has been uncscreenshot (Already got app) and post my results because right now I’m using two different apps to keep track of eachharged? So I can take athing. (iGauge for battery level and shortcut to running apps for how long its been unplugged)

If you have any other suggestions please comment.

Some Sources, I did a lot of testing myself.

NOTE: *Still working on this Guide it will constantly change. I will Blog about the Changes.